INTO THE HEAP x Het Audement

Ambassade van de Noordzee / Chiara Catalini / Shiila Infriccioli

A story of micro-encounters

The workshop will narrate a journey into the heap of sand and shells placed in the exhibition. A site-specific collection of microscope photos will build a path and tell us an intimate story about matter and its relationship with time, memory, transformation, erosion, and domestication. The visual narration will open a collective dialogue about each grain of sand, through fascinating bodies and micro-encounters. Therefore, the heap on the side of the street, usually seen as a residual waste of human activity, becomes a space permeated with meanings and discoveries.

Chiara Catalini and Shiila Infriccioli are two Rotterdam-based designers, currently developing their practices at the Master Piet Zwart Department, MIARD: Interior Architecture, Research + Design. In their research practice, they develop critical discourses by combining digital tools, photographic methodologies and perceptual materials. Abstraction, digitalization, and narratives are used to investigate aspects of the built environment as well as urgent ecological issues in today’s society.

This programme took place on October 30 in 2021 at artwork Het Audement.