Dance Workshop

Practicas Ecosomáticas

Amanda Piña (EN)

This event is in English and only for ages 18 and up

Inspired by the masewal dances from the Nahuatl speaking people from the northern highlands of Puebla Mexico, Practicas Ecosomáticas proposes dance, identification and embodiment as a form of knowing. In this workshop, a type of ancestral knowing (that is often devaluated in relation to rational knowledge) is activated so that we can experience and get to know other lifeforms that we in the west would call ‘nature’.

Mountains, glaciers, estuaries, rivers, sources of water and wetlands are brought into dance within our bodies. Spirits will also be invited to dance. Embodiment is a key factor in understanding the world, for it can go beyond the binary categories which produce and bring about the objectification and destruction of the earth.

This event takes around 3 hours.

Entrance fee

Adult: € 20
Student: € 12,50

This event took place on multiple days during the festival in October 2021.